Matt Wright


Masters Swimmer/ Age-group Triathlete

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I swam constantly growing up, from my first race at the age of 8, to national level competitions at the age of 20. I have always been competitive and loved the focused training and racing opportunities that swimming provided for me.

But after so many years of focusing on the same sport I lost my passion for it whilst at university, and I instead spent my energy on enjoying the less competitive/structured (but more adventurous) world of whitewater kayaking.

Upon graduating and starting working life in a large engineering firm, I found I was once again missing the routine of training and adrenaline rush of racing. I joined my local Masters swimming club and spent the next year enjoying rediscovering everything that I had been missing in my 4 years away from the sport.

In late 2015, my friends suggested we do a triathlon together. Offering options for travel, adventure, structured training, and the option to do 2 other sports when following the black line on the pool floor seems to be getting dull, it ticked all the boxes I was looking for.

After achieving my modest goals in 2016, I am hoping to build on this for 2017 with a focus on sprint distance triathlon. I love reading the inspiring stories of other amateur athletes online, and wanted to add my voice to the mix.

This blog is an outlet for my thoughts on kit, training, racing, and balancing that with a full time office job and my life away from sport.